Thursday, 23 September 2010

Styles I am trying out

I had my hair previously in flat twists for at least five days and I loosed it out very carefully making sure that I did not disturb the coils. I also keep up the henna treatment, which I do every three week.

What's happening Now

I'm back with my beloved Mega Tek again. I liked using the Ovatian, and I still intend to get it. I still have some Ovatian Cell therapy left, so I am mixing it with the Ovatian, it is probably easier for me to get Mega Tek as the company is in England and once I order it, it takes me about 2-3 days to receive it.
What I did notice about Ovatian, it lengthens your hair, then thickens it, with the Mega Tek, it thickens your hair, before it lengthens it. I shall probably to a length check in the next couple of weeks or so.

Monday, 21 June 2010

My three month update

From the results of using Ovation hair products for three months, I am very pleased, I was able to retain my length and significant growth was seen in the back, and sides. Also the front also had little growth, but I would say not as much as the back and sides. My left side grew significantly.

My next length update will be done in three months time, during that time, I will be using Mega Tek and Ovation Cell therapy equal parts mixed together to apply on my scalp daily and to apply as a deep conditioner once week and I will leave it on overnight and apply the creme rinse.

Overall I am very pleased with the results, other things helped was massaging my scalp daily which I will continue. Also I am eating a lot of green vegetables, lettuce, spinach and kombu, which is a Japanese seaweed, red onions. Plus I now henna my hair once a month, which helps to add thickness and strenthen the very fine hairs that I have. I have used henna before in my previous post, however I was never consistent. I am due for my third henna treatment towards the end of this week.

Tuesday, 25 May 2010

My staple hairstyles

These are the hair styles, I am using, which are very simple and very easy to do and also, I can rinse my hair without me loosening out my hair. I am not the one for elaborate hair styles or doing very small twists. I feel that I spend a lot of time on my hair with the deep conditioning and my hairstyles, usually take me under 45 minutes to do and they last me until my next wash, which I do every week. Sometimes, my hair does unravel, but it does not take long to re-do again.

Castor oil treatment for my eyes and eyebrows

I have been putting castor oil on my eyebrows and eyelashes, twice daily once in the morning and evening, before I go to bed. Castor oil helps to thicken eyebrows and eye lashes, it takes about 6-8 weeks before you see any difference, plus I want to have my eyebrows threaded, so I can have full eyebrows with a nice shape. I would finally able to have thicker and longer eyelashes, so I will be updating in July, as it would be 6-8 weeks.

What am I doing in the meanwhile for the results of the Ovation

I have decided to update my ovation results in June 18th, partly because it will be three months, since I have got the product, plus I have to send for it from America.
Also I have been using Henna glosses to strengthen my hair and release the curl pattern at bit.

Thursday, 1 April 2010

Results of using Ovation Hair products for 15 days

I was curious to see how my hair was getting on using the Ovation Hair products. I have now been using the products for 15 days from the 18th March to 1st April 2010. With the Mega Tek hair rebuilder, you left on the product for 5 mins, on clean shampooed hair, you rinsed off, then you deep conditioned, also I applied Mega Tek mixture to my scalp and roots, daily.

However with the Ovation hair products, the cell therapy can be left on overnight, at least three times a week, and you can shampoo your hair and use the cream rinse daily. It is possible to use the cell therapy daily, by washing your hair with the colour therapy shampoo, apply the cell therapy, for 5 mins, then apply the cream rinse and rinse out.

How I applied the ovation hair products, is that I shampooed, then applied the cell therapy overnight, next morning applied the cream rinse and rinsed out. I also styled my hair with cream rinse, mixed with aloe vera gel and castor oil. I apply ovation cell therapy mixture with castor oil, aloe vera gel, to my roots and scalp daily. I found that my hair was extremely soft. When I loosened out my twists to wash my hair, I didn't really need to spray water much water on my hair to keep it moist. I have noticed growth in my hair. In the next 15 days, I should see significant growth. So far, I am very pleased with Ovation hair products

Thursday, 25 March 2010

Using Ovation Hair products

I ordered Ovation Hair products on Thursday 11th March and it came the following Thursday 18th March at 1.00 p.m in the afternoon. Ovation cell therapy can be left on overnight and then the cream rinse over the cell therapy for a few minutes, then rinse out and style as normal, which I did.

So I used the products last Thursday, left it on overnight, and in the morning, I applied the cream rinse and I washed out my hair after a few minutes. I put my own conditioner for another few minutes, although it is not really necessary, I did not buy the shampoo, I only bought the cell therapy and cream rinse. My hair is already thick, because of the Mega Tek I am using. Ovation and Mega Tek are made by the same company. I use Mega Tek mixed with Ovation cell therapy mixture, with added MSM, suphur, olive oil, castor oil, glycerine, rosewater, Vitamin E and Evening Primrose, to apply only on my scalp and roots. Today, will be my second time of using the Ovation hair products.

In 30 days time, I shall update my pictures and as I am mainly using the Ovation hair products, I would like to compare it with the Mega Tek.

Thursday, 25 February 2010

My hair taken out 25th February 2010

I am very pleased with my Mega Tek mixture, I have not experienced any shredding at all, I add a little garlic paste, plus peppermint and lavender essentials, also added castor oil, aloe vera gel, olive oil and a little sulphur oil, applying to my roots and scalp only on a daily basis.

Flat twists 19th February 2010

I put my hair in flat twists, which lasts me for a week. I still continue to rinse my hair daily with a little conditioner added to water. If my hair starts to unravel and go fuzzy, I usually retwist my hair again.

Friday, 12 February 2010

Hair Style for February 2010

I put my hair in flat twists and I rinsed daily, with a mixture of conditioner, glycerine, rosewater and water and I cover my hair with a stocking cap or scarf to prevent my hair from going frizzy. My mega tek mixture is applied to my parts daily.

Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Back on Mega Tek again for 2010

I have been using Mega Tek on and off for the past few months, but I was able to get myself a large bottle, so I decided to add a little garlic paste into my mixture instead of taking garlic supplements, and I have experience no shredding at all, because the garlic has such a strong odour, I have added mint. lavender, eucalptus and clove oil. I do take supplements for my overall health, such as B vitamins, Biotin, Evening primrose oil, vitamin E, Royal Jelly and Flaxseed oil and Vitamin C. MSM I tend to use in my hair rinses and putting in my hair products.