Saturday, 7 March 2015

What's the latest for early 2015

I haven't written for a long time. Happy New Year, everyone, so what has happened to me?
I have started to taking Hairburst supplements on 14th November 2014. I coloured my hair, myself doing an ombre look, on Thursday 26th February. It is better for me, especially as I am growing my hair and I don't have to do the roots at all, except for a small part in the front. I cut hair on 29th December 2013, because I tried a texturiser and I didnt like it, so I waited 10 months, then cut the ends off.

Before colouring my hair, I lightened it, using a lightener by Schwarzkopf - LXX - xtra-xtreme, which lifts the hair colour up to 8 levels. After the process, I deep conditioned it, then coloured my hair using, Vidal Sassoon Salonist, colours Dark vibrant 4/45(2) and medium intense red,5/45(2) also used L'Oreal Preference colours Dark red 3.65 and Babylon Red 6.66. I divided my hair into 12 sections, but only colouring 11 sections. So far my hair is very soft and well conditioned.

Very pleased with how it came out, very vibrant indeed and I love the colours.  My inspiration is a youtuber, Donedo, her youtube channel ://  Love her hair videos.

To keep the colour vibrant, I plan to go to Sallys beauty suppliers and get Ion color Brilliance semi-permanent hair color, you can mix them with your conditioner.