Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Aloe vera and Ayurvedic Treatments

I have been using Aloe vera and Ayurvedic Treatments for over two weeks now.  Daily I have been doing aloe vera and onion treatment and once a week, I have been doing Ayurvedic treatments, using  powders such as Brahmi, Amla, onion powder, Methi powder (fenugreek), Maka, Kalpi Tone, Rose, Kapoor Kachil. I made the powders into a paste, by adding water and oil, also I added aloe vera gel and onion juice, then apply to already oiled hair, rub gently into roots and along mid and ends of hair, leave on for 30 minutes, cover with a conditioning cap or wrap with cling film to retain heat.  After 30 minutes, I wash out my hair with conditioner, then rinse with a glycerine/rosemater mixture and style as usual.

For the daily treatments, I blend a small onion, mix with a little water, mix until I cannot feel any onion pieces, strain to make sure that I am getting the juice, then mix with aloe vera gel and a little castor oil, or olive oil or any other oil of choice, I left on my hair for 30 minutes, to retain heat, then wash with conditioner. 

On Saurday 26th May 2012, I did my monthy cassia/henna treatments. I have noticed that my hair appears to be much thicker and there is a lot of shine since doing the aloe vera/onion  and ayurvedic treatments.