Thursday, 28 June 2012

Beautiful Textures UK Launch

On Thursday 31 May, I was invited to the Beautiful Textures UK Launch. It was a wonderful evening.  I must thank organisers, Lukwesa Barnes owner of Gidore, Felicia Leatherwood, natural hair stylist to many of the important people and representatives of Beautiful Textures and Black Magazines. Thank you so much ladies.

The products are very simple to use and it is for all women with kinky curly, coily hair and one of the good things, there is a reciple sheet and you can mix up the various products to make up your own products.   Very enjoyable evening.  Large samples sizes so the product will last you for ages.

Plaited Styles which I love

I love doing plaiated styles, my hair is long enough so that I can do very simple styles which takes me minutes.  I am still able to rinse my hair or condition wash my hair as I put my hair in a netting type scarf those very light scarfs with small holes, apply my conditioner washes or rinses.  Then cover my hair with a towel, so my hair soaks up the excess water, any frizz, apply aloe vera gel to the hair and it keeps it very neat.