Monday, 3 January 2011

Happy New Year and New Hair Colour

Happy New Year everyone. The year will be wonderful. Full of increased possibilities.
As the new year, I decided to try something new.
I am still continuing with my Premier creme rinse and Mega Tek. My hair is doing very well. Also I have decided to start taking Baldwins Biotin 5 mg, for ladies UK or otherwise, you can get biotin 5 mg anywhere. I have heard a lot of good things about 5 mg of Biotin and at Baldwins, you get 60 tablets for £7.95, which is good value for money, it can last me for two months.

Anyway, I take Evening primrose, 50 B-ccomplex, in the day time with a meal and take 5 mg of Biotin in the evening, or sometimes I take all my supplements in the evening.

What I have noticed is that my fingernails have a wonderful shine. It was pointed out to me by a man, when he was telling me about some hand cream, he asked me what I'm using on my nails, because they have a wonderful shine. I have not had any break outs at all. So I am very pleased with the biotin.

I decided to add some colours to my hair, I used L'Oreal Paris, Recital preferece Babylon Intense red, shade 6.66 and L'Oreal Excellence cream Light ash blonde, shade 9.1, I mixed the colour with a 40 volume developer, which I had bought. Using the highest developer will give my hair a higher lift, especially as it is so dark. Very pleased with the results, the colours came out very well. Eventually I will go to Sallys and get L'Oreal professional colours as the professional colour lasts a lot longer. However thumbs up for L'Oreal home colour, very good. The conditioners are excellent and I have not experienced any dryness. To keep the red colour from fading, I may try John Frieda auburn colour range or other colour treated shampoos and conditioners, there are several good ones on the market. At the moment I use a shampoo and conditioner for colour treated hair.

I did a brief length check, very pleased with my progress. My hair is on track!