Monday, 9 November 2009

November Hair and Mega Tek

I started to use Mega Tek again, to the Mega tek I have added garlic paste, castor oil, extra virgin olive oil, Ojon restorative leave-in treatment, Ojon restorative treatment, Ojon hydrating conditioner, 1000 mg Evening Primrose oil, 400 iu Vitamin E, to mask the smell, I have added essential oils, lavender and eucalyptus oil and the mixture was added to a bottle with a sprout, so that I could apply to my scalp twice daily.

I condition wash daily, also I do not take any garlic supplements, but I add garlic to my food. I have been eating more fish. I shall update my results with Mega Tek next month.

Monday, 2 November 2009

October Hair

I have not been using Mega Tek, since June, not because it is not a brilliant product. It is the best, but I have been very busy, especially with my house, my hair is in a very simple style, my stable, which is chinese bumps (inside bunti knots), daily conditioning washes.

I massage my scalp with aloe vera gel, castor oil and Ojon's intensive repair reparation intensive treatment and Ojon's restorative leave in treatment, which keeps it soft. I have been also taking B supplements, Vitamin E, Vitamin C, Evening Primrose and Cod liver oil. Also I have been eatinag a lot of eggs, nuts, and dried fruit, drinking plenty of water, particularly at this time of year, where your skin can look very dull and sluggish.

I plan to start back on my Mega Tek/Ovation products, do henna, I haven't done, since May. I found the Ojon products fairly expensive but the smell is divine and it is very long lasting, particularly for my hair or afro textured hair, I think it is an excellent product.

I shall be definitely getting some more, also getting new products such Miss Jessies, Hair Rules, Philip Kingsley, Ojon and Anita Grants products, which I have read some excellent reviews.

Thursday, 21 May 2009

Ten days after using Henna

It has been ten days since my henna treatment and I trimmed my hair before I did my henna treatment, my hair seems more glossy, because I added the temporary colour to the henna, my highlights don't have that brassy look. I will probably do another henna treatment and see how my hair is.

Saturday, 9 May 2009

My henna results before and after

I was very pleased with the results of the henna, particularly mixing it this way, it washed out easily. After the deep conditioner, my hair was very soft and very easy to comb. Some people have experienced loosening of the curl patter, hence shrinkage is reduced, but that may come after many more application of henna. Also I will be trying the coconut cream natural relaxer, which is supposed to loosen the curl patern, I will probably do that one towards the end of the month.

My hair is highlighted and my parts of my grey hair have a rich reddish colour, plus I did add the shaders and toners hot cinammon. The dark parts of my hair is also has a rich vibrant colour.
Very pleased with my results.

Using Henna

I have tried henna in the past and I used it, because yes I am vain and I want big thick long hair, so thanks to Curly Nikki. She is available on I used her method.
The henna, I got from my local Asian supermarket in Shepherd's bush Market. So with one packet of henna, I mixed warm nettle tea, 2 tablespoons of honey, one packet of toners and shaders, hot cinammon, 2 tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil. The henna was mixed until it was in a smooth paste, then I covered the henna and placed in the airing cupboard over night.

I conditioned washed my hair, then applied the henna for four and a half hours, washed and rinsed thoroughly with conditioner, then deep conditioned for 30-60 minutes, then rinsed with cider vinegar rinse.

Very pleased with how my hair came out. Curly Nikki, blog is very informative and she has lovely hair.

Saturday, 25 April 2009

Products which I use

These products are my stables and the nice thing about them, is that I can get them locally, from where I live in Hammersmith, West London. The West Indian castor oil, Dabur Amla oil and Vatika enriched coconut oil, are available from either Shepherds Bush Market, where there are Asian shops. Glycerine, rosewater is available from any local supermarket in the cake making section, also available in most supermaket type shops as well as extra virgin olive oil. Aloe vera gel and aloe vera juice is available in any health shop.

I make up a daily rinse, with aloe vera juice, rosewater, glycerine and olive oil. I add a litte conditioner to an empty Evain or 50 ml water bottle, add a some aloe vera juice, rosewater, glycerine and a little bicarbonate of soda (if you live in a hard water area) shake thoroughly and then add water to fill the bottle completely shake again and pour over hair and wrap a towel around the head to soak up extra moisture, leave on for 15-20 minutes, then add remove towel and put little moisturiser on the roots and over a little over the hair.

To make a hair spray,put in a spray bottle, available for any beauty store or Sallys. To add the bottle, add the same ingredients, plus lavender essential oil as a preservative and spray on the hair, whenever the hair feels dry.

The castor oil, aloe vera juice, glycerine, rosewater, amla oil and enriched Vatika oil, I make into a hair moisturiser, in a small container, I add a little powdered MSM, and pour a little rosewater, and mix throughly. MSM standing for methylsulphonylmethane, also you can crush some biotin tablets, I add some vitamin E and Evening primrose, glycerine and rosewater. I put a large amount of castor oil, and aloe vera gel, mix throughly and now it can be applied to damp hair from root to ends and/or the roots daily.

The other Indian herbal powders such as Brahmi, amla, shikakai, kalpitone, I make up into a deep conditioner. I add 1-2 teaspoons of each, 2 tablespoons of olive oil, castor oil, aloe vera juice or gel, one beaten egg, coconut oil and tablespoon of conditioner. Mix into a smooth paste and I apply to my hair, sectioning it and paying special attention to my ends, then I cover with a plastic bag for 30 minutes to one hours. Then I wash it off using a conditioner, then style my hair with moisturiser.

The Indian herbals, such as Brahmi, amla, shikakai, kalpitone are available to larger Asian supermarkets, in areas such as West Ealing and Southall, in London, UK. Also you can order a really wide range on line, which is really good, because you can get Brahmi oil and many other hair oils.

Wednesday, 15 April 2009

April 2009

Mega Tek is BRILLIANT. I LOVE MEGA TEK!!!. I have been using this product since August 2008 and it is fantastic. The first picture shows my hair after I used Mega Tek in January comparised to be using Mega Tek in April. Every time, I look at these pictures, I am so amazed.

I strongly believe Mega Tek was made in Heaven and it was transported to earth by angels and those ingredients are so secret, but they work. That is why I praise Jesus every night and I strongly believe he made them especially for me.

Mega Tek is my stables, plus aloe vera gel, and castor and it is so easy, just having my hair natural. I love my 4b hair, so it doesn't have defined curls, I can use Miss Jessie's to solve that problem, but as you can see I am extremely extremely happy.
Soon I will be trying Miss Jessie's hair products, which are available at, several reviews about them, people are very happy, it is expensive, but it is worth it, when you get the results. THAT IS WHY I LOVE MEGA TEK!!!.
See you on the next update

Friday, 3 April 2009

March 2009

It is now 219 days since I have been using Mega Tek, and I am of course extremely pleased with the result of my hair, it is nice to know that I can finally say that I have long hair. Yes long hair. It has extreme shrinkage, which is very misleading. Your hair looks like it is shoulder length for ever, but once you stretch out your hair is clearly past your shoulders down your back, the comparison picture on the left, the picture was taken in January and compared to the picture on the right taken in March. More thickness and growth.

I have learned to appreciate my hair, which has a woolly, spongy texture. I put my hair in a very simple style, easy to comb and look after and also, it looks neat when I am going out. I am very pleased with my achievements.

Saturday, 17 January 2009

January Update

January 2009

New month and new year, 2009 is going to be a great year and it has started off great for me already. Pleased to say that my progress is going very well indeed and my hair has increased in thickness, and in length. From the comparision from December 2008 to January 2009, one can see the thickness. In the next few months, I am looking forward to holding my hair in the back, without really stretching and my hair growing longer, than it has ever grown.

I will be starting juicing in a few days and I will see the different of my skin.

Friday, 16 January 2009

Update for December

Seasonal Greetings and Happy New Year
Seasonal greetings to everyone and Happy New Year. November and December have been very busy months for me, I have been doing a lot of writing on my story, my desktop kept on freezing, so that I could not type as I wanted to and that was very annoying, so I was able to get a Dell Inspiron 6400 for the time being, which is not too bad. My laptop rarely freezes, the internet is a lot faster and I can go anywhere and type in the house. However, I will be buying myself laptops, so I will get you posted on which ones, I will be getting.

During the month of December, I was able to get myself a 'Leg magic' exercise machine, and although, I did use it regularly, it was only this Thursday, I took note of my weight, so in the coming weeks and months, I shall see how I am getting on with the machine.
I am still using the Mega Tek as normal and I am very pleased with the results so far, I am able to hold the back of my hair, which I have never been able to do so when I was a lot younger, as a little girl, and growing up, I never had long hair, so I am excited at the prospect of having hair longer than shoulder length.

I am very grateful to God and the ladies of for this product and I am very pleased that I am no longer relaxing my hair. Oh what a nightmare it was. Being natural, I have lot of styling options and I also add highlights to my hair, I don't bother to do and overall colour anymore, particularly because of regrowth of the roots and highlights last so much longer and you can have different colours on your hair.

My hair routine is very simple, which is a daily rinse, which contains, conditioner, glycerine, and rose water and water.
I have started to add a very small amount of Mega Tek, just one drop, plus any conditioner, rosewater, glycerine and water, just over two months now. The conditioner, I use is any conditioner for coloured treated or permed hair, simply because they have much more richer ingredients. I also rarely use products for ethnic hair, except my stables, castor oil, aloe vera gel, also I add to the Mega Tek mixture, MSM (MethylSulphonylMethane), castor oil, Vitamin E, Evening Primrose, aloe vera gel and put in a colouring bottle and add to my roots and scalp only, massage thoroughly leave overnight and rinse in the morning.