Friday, 3 April 2009

March 2009

It is now 219 days since I have been using Mega Tek, and I am of course extremely pleased with the result of my hair, it is nice to know that I can finally say that I have long hair. Yes long hair. It has extreme shrinkage, which is very misleading. Your hair looks like it is shoulder length for ever, but once you stretch out your hair is clearly past your shoulders down your back, the comparison picture on the left, the picture was taken in January and compared to the picture on the right taken in March. More thickness and growth.

I have learned to appreciate my hair, which has a woolly, spongy texture. I put my hair in a very simple style, easy to comb and look after and also, it looks neat when I am going out. I am very pleased with my achievements.


Suesue said...

nice hair ;-)
my hair type is very very different to yours...its very typically tightly coiled dry west african. Do you have any tips on what to use and how to keep moisture and help it grow?

ValeriesWorld said...

Mix castor oil, aloe vera gel and olive together, also make a daily rinse with glycerine, rosewater and conditioner and spray on your hair.

Lady A said...

Very nice! I just took out my micros and my hair is all natural. I'm not going to put a relaxer in my hair. This is the first time my hair has been natural since I was 11..I'm 32 now, lol. I love my natural hair, sooooo healthy and thick. Right now I have it in a sewn in weave. Carol's Daughter has some wonderful natural hair product too...check them out!
I use olive oil, the best!

ValeriesWorld said...

Lady A thanks for visiting. I saw Lisa, the lady who makes Carol's daughter on youtube and this presenter was really excited. So I hope to start using them soon.