Thursday, 25 March 2010

Using Ovation Hair products

I ordered Ovation Hair products on Thursday 11th March and it came the following Thursday 18th March at 1.00 p.m in the afternoon. Ovation cell therapy can be left on overnight and then the cream rinse over the cell therapy for a few minutes, then rinse out and style as normal, which I did.

So I used the products last Thursday, left it on overnight, and in the morning, I applied the cream rinse and I washed out my hair after a few minutes. I put my own conditioner for another few minutes, although it is not really necessary, I did not buy the shampoo, I only bought the cell therapy and cream rinse. My hair is already thick, because of the Mega Tek I am using. Ovation and Mega Tek are made by the same company. I use Mega Tek mixed with Ovation cell therapy mixture, with added MSM, suphur, olive oil, castor oil, glycerine, rosewater, Vitamin E and Evening Primrose, to apply only on my scalp and roots. Today, will be my second time of using the Ovation hair products.

In 30 days time, I shall update my pictures and as I am mainly using the Ovation hair products, I would like to compare it with the Mega Tek.