Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Products I am using to keep my red colour, plus the castor oil challenge

Since I have coloured my hair, I have been using John Frieda's red conditioner to keep my red colour, plus I used Soft Sheen Dark and Lovely Reviving Color, which is a semi permanent, shade no. 394 in Ravishing Red. The box, it contained instructions, a pair of gloves and a plastic cap, because my hair is coloured and putting on the semi-permanent, it came out just like the shade on the box and I was very pleased. It was very easy to use, it was already pre-mixed, you had to wash your hair, apply the colour, leave it on for up 30 minutes, then rinse until the colour came clear, then there was a leave-in conditioner to apply after drying the hair. This semi-permanent is supposed to last for 6-8 washes, and cost me £3.97 at my local beauty supply store, also there is 100% grey coverage, which is very good.

I brought products from the website, which specialises in products for kinky, coily, curly and people who are mixed race (bi-racial or multi-racial). They have all the Shea Moisture products, I got the Shea Moisture for Thin, Fine hair, not that I have thin, fine hair, my hair is thick, due to the henna now using the cassia treatments, my hair strands have got thicker, I had fine hair, but because I have a lot of fine hair, it looks very thick, but individually, each strand was very fine, but the subsequent henna and now cassia treatments have helped greatly. My crown of my hair was thinning and I brought the Shea Moisture, Thickening Moisture Mist and Growth Milk, delivery was very fast, it came within 2-3 working days, I loved the fact that it was tied up with blue ribbon very nice. The ingredients are yucca, baobab and biotin, I have been using it for nearly a week now and I like the smell, I may try other products, in the line as the growth masque.

I brought West Indian castor oil, Sunny Isle Jamaican black castor oil, available on line from, I bought extra dark castor oil, it as a very ashy smell, which I like, I also bought Home Health cold pressed castor oil, avaliable from
Aveda's Invati's scalp revitalizing, I have quite got around to getting the shampoo and the conditioner. This is also supposed to thicken the hair and stimulate the dominant hair follicles.

I bought the various castor oil, for the castor oil challenge, which I started on Thursday 1st March 2012, it will continue for thirteen weeks, ending on 1st June 2012, each week, we have to check in. The details of the castor oil challenge is available at
I am mixing the various castor oils, with the Hairadrenaline, I made it in my previous post, if you got to
You will find all the details there. I mixed a small amount of all the castor oils, plus aloe vera gel and apply to my scalp and ends, then I spray water and I cover with a plastic cap at night. I am using the greenhouse method, creating heat and moisture for my hair, if you go on to Real Queens website, you will find the details there.

What am I hoping to achieve. My hair grows, but it grows at a very slow pace and that is because I have not been consistent with my regime, my hair has got thick, my greatest friends are water and moisture, which really helps me retain my length.
I want to see a lot of growth, yes Mega Growth, my crown extremely, extremely thick, and abundant growth and when I part my hair, the partings are very tiny. I expect the rest of my hair to become extremely thick also and this will help me to be consistent with my regime, as I have other people doing the regime as well.

What has been the latest so far

I still doing my protective styles, however they last me for my next up to my next wash, which is pretty good, as I rinse my hair with my style in, but smooth it down with aloe vera gel or if it is untidy, I detangle and re-plait sections. My hair colour seems to be going very well, not having any issues of dryness, the rinsing and the spraying daily is keeping the moisture levels, plus as I am still using the mega tex re-builder, I only put it on my hair after I shampoo, only for 5 minutes, then I rinse it out and put on a moisturizing conditioner, which I steam in for 20 minutes and that as been fine. Also very few hairs have been coming out on combing, which is very good, also I have stepped up the massaging.