Monday, 25 March 2013

4th and 5th Week of cassia/henna treatment

The 4th and 5th week of the cassia henna treatment, my hair has become more textured, plus you can see a lot of new growth.  So far my new growth is very soft, as I have been conditioning washes.    Still applying, the Jamaican black castor oil to my roots.

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Three week henna/cassia mixture


It is very interesting to look at the texture of my hair, since using the henna/cassia mixture on a weekly basis.  Also I have decided to challenge myself and use these ayurvedic herbs, initially for least three months, to see how my hair responds, hence me taking weekly pictures of my hairs progress.  As I have mentioned before apart from henna and cassia, I have added Kalpi tone Brahmi Kapoor Kachili, rose, maka, methi, onion powders.  Another powder, I am going to add is hibiscus powder. I make the tea and add it to the henna/cassia mixture, however it has excellent conditioning properties, when added as a powder. 
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