Thursday, 25 February 2010

My hair taken out 25th February 2010

I am very pleased with my Mega Tek mixture, I have not experienced any shredding at all, I add a little garlic paste, plus peppermint and lavender essentials, also added castor oil, aloe vera gel, olive oil and a little sulphur oil, applying to my roots and scalp only on a daily basis.

Flat twists 19th February 2010

I put my hair in flat twists, which lasts me for a week. I still continue to rinse my hair daily with a little conditioner added to water. If my hair starts to unravel and go fuzzy, I usually retwist my hair again.

Friday, 12 February 2010

Hair Style for February 2010

I put my hair in flat twists and I rinsed daily, with a mixture of conditioner, glycerine, rosewater and water and I cover my hair with a stocking cap or scarf to prevent my hair from going frizzy. My mega tek mixture is applied to my parts daily.