Thursday, 25 February 2010

My hair taken out 25th February 2010

I am very pleased with my Mega Tek mixture, I have not experienced any shredding at all, I add a little garlic paste, plus peppermint and lavender essentials, also added castor oil, aloe vera gel, olive oil and a little sulphur oil, applying to my roots and scalp only on a daily basis.


Amina said...

your hair has grown so much!! looove the thickness!

ValeriesWorld said...

Thanks very much Amina, I am very pleased with the Mega Tek. I will be getting Ovation hair products very soon.

GoldenAh said...


I see you have a hair blog. You've made great progress. Good for you.

Seeing your henna treatments remind me I must do one again sometime. It's a job though.