Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Making of Valerie Mon Cherie Hairdrenalin portion

You tube user http://youtube.com/user/ohvaleriecherie, has caused a revolution in the hair growing community by making her hairdrenaline portion, many people have been getting excellent results, especially on http://hairlista.com, they are doing the Hairdrenaline portion challenge. Tola on her blog http://mylonghairjournal.blogspot.com is also trying out the portion, and I have been very impressed with her results after two weeks, from her pictures, her hair is definitely longer.

Most of the ingredients I used are very similar to Valerie's however with a few variations.
I used 4 bottles of West Indian Castor oil, each bottle contained 150 ml in total 600 ml.
45 teaspoons of black Assam tea
1/2 bottle of cayenne pepper
30 Biotin capsules 5 mg each
4 drops of essential onion oil
2 drops of essential garlic oil
as I could not get garlic seed oil and onion seed oil
I used 25g of sulphur, thanks to Tola from http;//mylonghairjournal.blogspot.com
Added essential oils of Melissa, lavender and orange for scent.

I put the ingredients in a large dish and stirred them thoroughly, then I pre-heated my oven to gas mark 6, then I put the large dish with the ingredients and left in the oven for 5 hours at gas mark 4, then for the final half hour, put up the oven to gas mark 6. So for a total of 5 and a half hours, the ingredients were infused in the castor oil. After the time was up, I took out the dish and allowed it to cool.

Then I strained my mixture through a cheese cloth. muslin or knee highs, can be used. My portion was strained and put into my castor oil bottles, which originally contained castor oil. The mixture was a rich red at the beginning after the five hours of infusion, it was a dark brown. I originally started with 600 ml and the infused mixture, I ended up with 35o ml of portion. I added 4 drops of onion essential oil and 2 drops of onion essential oil and I added essential Melissa, orange and lavender for scent.

The instructions to get hyper growth, such as 3 inches or more in 7 weeks, people were getting an inch or nearly an inch in two weeks.
The onion seed oil and garlic seed oil are essential for the portion
Drink plenty of water
Eat an healthy diet
Taking suitable supplements or vitamins.
Massage your scalp daily, at least twice daily.
When adding the portion to your hair, massage in, then wrap your hair in sling film or plastic bag to get a greenhouse effect. Your hair follicles would be open. you could leave over night, or leave on for two or more hours.

As I was able to obtain onion seed oil and garlic seed oil, but able to use onion and garlic essential oils, plus I used sulphur powder. So I will be very keen to see the results. I will be updating after 30 days, however if there is significant growth, I will be updating sooner. Thanks to Valerie and Tola.

My updo

My updo, a protective style which protects my ends and still can look elegant.

Thursday, 2 June 2011

My Experience of the Jannu Hair and Facial steamer

Yesterday I used the Jannu Hair steamer, which is very similar to the Huetiful Hair steamer. As many ladies have already said, the hair steamer is very easy to assemble and it takes about five minutes to steam up and I sat under the steamer for 20 minutes or more. The top picture shows my hair after the steam treatment, what I would say that it is important the steamer is raised properly and you sit under it with your back straight in a good chair. I did experience the steam on my forehead, but I had a towel around me.

What I did notice was after my conditioning treatment, my hair was very soft, even after I left my hair for one hour without combing it, it was still very easy to detangle and comb. The whole experience was very pleasant. This is one investment, which is worth the money, and I am very pleased that I was able to purchase the hair, money will spent.