Thursday, 2 June 2011

My Experience of the Jannu Hair and Facial steamer

Yesterday I used the Jannu Hair steamer, which is very similar to the Huetiful Hair steamer. As many ladies have already said, the hair steamer is very easy to assemble and it takes about five minutes to steam up and I sat under the steamer for 20 minutes or more. The top picture shows my hair after the steam treatment, what I would say that it is important the steamer is raised properly and you sit under it with your back straight in a good chair. I did experience the steam on my forehead, but I had a towel around me.

What I did notice was after my conditioning treatment, my hair was very soft, even after I left my hair for one hour without combing it, it was still very easy to detangle and comb. The whole experience was very pleasant. This is one investment, which is worth the money, and I am very pleased that I was able to purchase the hair, money will spent.


Jo Somebody said...

I am very close to buying this as a present for my sister. did you find it difficult to find places where you could sit comfortably under it?
Thanks for the review!

ValeriesWorld said...

@Jo Somebody, I put the steamer in the kitchen and I put books underneath to raise steamer, once I am able to get a good chair, I am fine. Very pleased you liked the review.

Yems said...

This blog is like 2years old and it was still helpful!I bought my Jannu steamer yesterday and can not wait to use it! Whoop!
Thanks ValeriesWorld!