Thursday, 26 May 2011

The latest of what's happening to me

I have not done much writing, I have been very busy. I look after my father, he needs full time care, however I still believe despite my change in my life, it is important for me to look good.

Anyway, I bought the Jenna Hair and Facial steamer, cost £79.99 from Pak cosmetics, also it you buy it on-line, it cost £69.99

Anyway, I am looking forward to trying out my hair steamer, from the reviews, most people said it is very good and their hair is very soft and moisturised. Also I'm on the quest of growing my hair longer. Also I have started using Jason Aloe vera shampoo and conditioner, which does not have no laureth sulfates, and it enriched with plant proteins and Vitamins A, C, and E. When I use the shampoo and conditioner, I shall write a review after several times of using Jason shampoo and conditioner.

Also I shall be doing a length check, possible every month or every 2 or 3 month. To my diet, I have added wheatgerm oil, Vitamin E and Pukka organic bio nutrients Vitalise, which contains broccoli sprouts, beetroot, blueberries and chlorella.