Monday, 9 November 2009

November Hair and Mega Tek

I started to use Mega Tek again, to the Mega tek I have added garlic paste, castor oil, extra virgin olive oil, Ojon restorative leave-in treatment, Ojon restorative treatment, Ojon hydrating conditioner, 1000 mg Evening Primrose oil, 400 iu Vitamin E, to mask the smell, I have added essential oils, lavender and eucalyptus oil and the mixture was added to a bottle with a sprout, so that I could apply to my scalp twice daily.

I condition wash daily, also I do not take any garlic supplements, but I add garlic to my food. I have been eating more fish. I shall update my results with Mega Tek next month.

Monday, 2 November 2009

October Hair

I have not been using Mega Tek, since June, not because it is not a brilliant product. It is the best, but I have been very busy, especially with my house, my hair is in a very simple style, my stable, which is chinese bumps (inside bunti knots), daily conditioning washes.

I massage my scalp with aloe vera gel, castor oil and Ojon's intensive repair reparation intensive treatment and Ojon's restorative leave in treatment, which keeps it soft. I have been also taking B supplements, Vitamin E, Vitamin C, Evening Primrose and Cod liver oil. Also I have been eatinag a lot of eggs, nuts, and dried fruit, drinking plenty of water, particularly at this time of year, where your skin can look very dull and sluggish.

I plan to start back on my Mega Tek/Ovation products, do henna, I haven't done, since May. I found the Ojon products fairly expensive but the smell is divine and it is very long lasting, particularly for my hair or afro textured hair, I think it is an excellent product.

I shall be definitely getting some more, also getting new products such Miss Jessies, Hair Rules, Philip Kingsley, Ojon and Anita Grants products, which I have read some excellent reviews.