Saturday, 11 May 2013

Using different treatments on my hair

I took a break from using Ayurvedic herbs. In the top picture, dated 14 April   I just used egg mixed with extra virgin olive oil on my hair, which I left on for 30 minutes, then I washed my hair with shampoo and deep conditioned using a moisturising treatment.  The second picture dated 21st April, I added an egg to the Ayurvedic herbs, then I left on for 30 minutes and washed and deep conditioned.  The bottom picture dated on the 27th April.  I added gelatine to the Ayurvedic herbs and I put on my hair for 30 minutes, then washed and deep conditioned.  I found that when I added the gelatine powder, after rinsing my hair after I deep conditioned, there were still some bits of the gelatine.  However I will use gelatine again, but I will dissolve it in hot water, before I add it to the Ayurvedic herbs. 

I have been using Paltas B.K.C hair treatment,  it is said to thicken up hair.  I have been adding it to my deep conditioner, also adding a little to my roots and scalp at night.  I remember using it as a little girl and it did thicken up my hair, many people didn't like the smell and your hair would become sticky, however as I rinse my hair on a daily basis.  I have not experienced stickiness. As for the smell, I have added essential peppermint oil to the paltas.