Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Knitting and Crochet

Since 25th May 2013, I have learnt how to crochet. So I have been knitting and doing crochet, which I am thoroughly enjoy doing. I hope to make throws and even some clothes with the crochet. Another thing, I am hoping to learn is knitting with two or more colours.

Saturday, 11 May 2013

Using different treatments on my hair

I took a break from using Ayurvedic herbs. In the top picture, dated 14 April   I just used egg mixed with extra virgin olive oil on my hair, which I left on for 30 minutes, then I washed my hair with shampoo and deep conditioned using a moisturising treatment.  The second picture dated 21st April, I added an egg to the Ayurvedic herbs, then I left on for 30 minutes and washed and deep conditioned.  The bottom picture dated on the 27th April.  I added gelatine to the Ayurvedic herbs and I put on my hair for 30 minutes, then washed and deep conditioned.  I found that when I added the gelatine powder, after rinsing my hair after I deep conditioned, there were still some bits of the gelatine.  However I will use gelatine again, but I will dissolve it in hot water, before I add it to the Ayurvedic herbs. 

I have been using Paltas B.K.C hair treatment,  it is said to thicken up hair.  I have been adding it to my deep conditioner, also adding a little to my roots and scalp at night.  I remember using it as a little girl and it did thicken up my hair, many people didn't like the smell and your hair would become sticky, however as I rinse my hair on a daily basis.  I have not experienced stickiness. As for the smell, I have added essential peppermint oil to the paltas.

Monday, 8 April 2013

Week 5 and 6 of cassia henna treatment

Since doing the cassia and henna treatment with added Ayruvedic powders, the texture of my hair has definitely improved. Apart from the rapid new growth, but also the ends of the hair look different.
The top photo shows the difference of my hair, the treatments done on 23rd March and 30th March respectively, there is more of a shine.   The middle photograph showing my hair in a plaited style on 23rd February and again on 30th March, the plait or braid is looking a lot thicker.
The bottom picture shows my simple plaited style.

Monday, 25 March 2013

4th and 5th Week of cassia/henna treatment

The 4th and 5th week of the cassia henna treatment, my hair has become more textured, plus you can see a lot of new growth.  So far my new growth is very soft, as I have been conditioning washes.    Still applying, the Jamaican black castor oil to my roots.

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Three week henna/cassia mixture


It is very interesting to look at the texture of my hair, since using the henna/cassia mixture on a weekly basis.  Also I have decided to challenge myself and use these ayurvedic herbs, initially for least three months, to see how my hair responds, hence me taking weekly pictures of my hairs progress.  As I have mentioned before apart from henna and cassia, I have added Kalpi tone Brahmi Kapoor Kachili, rose, maka, methi, onion powders.  Another powder, I am going to add is hibiscus powder. I make the tea and add it to the henna/cassia mixture, however it has excellent conditioning properties, when added as a powder. 
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Thursday, 28 February 2013

Second week of doing cassia/henna treatment


I did another cassia/henna treatment on today.  The night before, I put extra virgin oil on my scalp and hair. To the cassia and henna I added the following Asian herbs, amla, maka, Brahmi, rose, Kapoor Kachil, methi, kalpi tone, onion powders red and white.  The powders were mixed together with hot water and oils, castor oil and extra virgin olive oil.  I mixed more oil, so that I was able to get a more creamy texture, which I applied to my hair and I covered it with a plastic bag for one hour.  Then I washed my hair with conditioner, afterwards I poured half a cup of rose water.  Then towel blotted my hair and did a deep moisturizing deep conditioning treatment for nearly one hour and did a final rinse of filtered water and aloe vera juice. 

I have noticed that my hair is very soft.  The cassia henna treatment is definitely making my hair a lot thicker. I can see the difference, from the picture of the back of my hair, the first picture was taken on Saturday 23 February and today.  There is definitely a difference. 

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Saturday, 23 February 2013

Cassia/Henna Treatment one week after texturiser


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I decided to use henna on my hair. So I  applied an oil treatment to my hair and left it overnight.  The oils, I used were olive oil, Vatika oil and castor oil. Then I made a cassia/henna mixture, also adding coconut milk, amla, Brahmi powders.  Coconut oil, castor oil were also added as well as nettle tea. The mixture was made into a creamy paste and I left it on my hair for 4 hours.  After washing out the mixture with a conditioner.  I moisturised with a deep conditioner, castor oil, Mane and Tea deep moisturising conditioner, Dove moisturising conditioner and aloe vera gel.  This was left it on my hair for nearly one hour, then I rinsed off my  hair with tepid water and in my final rinse, I used 4 cups of filtered water and 1 capful of aloe vera juice.  So that my hair is at the right pH.

The first picture shows freshly washed hair after using cassia/henna treatment.  The next picture is my hair nearly dry.  I noticed that my hair has more body.   I really like the results and I will be doing the treatment again and much sooner than doing it every month.  I am still not sure, how I feel about having  a texturiser done.  On the one hand, I didn't like how my hair looks, but it is much more manageable. The cassia/henna treatment has definitely improved my hair.

What I have noticed that has really helped with the softness of my hair is filtered water, which I use in a spray    bottle with aloe vera juice, a little conditioner with rosewater.

I hope to explore many different moisturisers to keep my hair soft, especially my roots.

Monday, 18 February 2013

My hair in large flat twists and dry

I can touch up every three or more months.  My hair dry has a very similar texture.  Also I will be going back to putting a mega tex mixture to my roots and scalp. I have been doing Green house effect nightly and also bought S curl Lister texturiser stylin spray and S curl no drip, activator moisturiser.  As for my colouring my hair, I would probably be doing highlights, taking only sections of my hair, probably the front and the top.

In the coming weeks, I shall be seeing how my hair  reacts.

New Year and trying something new

I decided to try "Just for Me texturiser. I have been having a lot of problems with knots lately., especially as I am growing my hair longer.  Anyway, I parted my hair into four sections, left on the texturiser for the maximum of 13 minutes, including application time, plus my hair is coloured. I must admit, it felt very strange.  I have been natural for eleven years.  Some of my hair did come out straight.  However I will deciding in the coming months, if I want to grow it out or not.  I shall be trying on henna/coconut cream treatments, so see how my hair will react.