Thursday, 28 February 2013

Second week of doing cassia/henna treatment


I did another cassia/henna treatment on today.  The night before, I put extra virgin oil on my scalp and hair. To the cassia and henna I added the following Asian herbs, amla, maka, Brahmi, rose, Kapoor Kachil, methi, kalpi tone, onion powders red and white.  The powders were mixed together with hot water and oils, castor oil and extra virgin olive oil.  I mixed more oil, so that I was able to get a more creamy texture, which I applied to my hair and I covered it with a plastic bag for one hour.  Then I washed my hair with conditioner, afterwards I poured half a cup of rose water.  Then towel blotted my hair and did a deep moisturizing deep conditioning treatment for nearly one hour and did a final rinse of filtered water and aloe vera juice. 

I have noticed that my hair is very soft.  The cassia henna treatment is definitely making my hair a lot thicker. I can see the difference, from the picture of the back of my hair, the first picture was taken on Saturday 23 February and today.  There is definitely a difference. 

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