Thursday, 9 February 2012

Cassia Treatment and my regular protective style

I used Cassia obovata last Friday to treat my hair. Cassia Obovata has the same conditoning properties as henna, but without the colouring properties, as my hair is already coloured, I use Cassia obovata, I mixed the cassia with hot water to make a smooth paste, then added olive oil, castor oil, aloe vera gel. I applied to my hair in sections and left it on for 2 hours, then I rinsed with conditioner, then put a moisturising conditioner, which I left on for the same amount of time. Then I rinsed out and styled. This style is very simple style, and very easy to do for me. I rinse my hair with my style in. If my hair gets fuzzy, it can be easy for me to replait or smooth down the edges.

Cassia does not stain, so I was able to apply it with my hands. Like henna, it thickens the hair strands. What I was very pleased, that on Friday 27th January, I coloured my roots and refreshed the ends, after using the Cassia obovata, I have noticed how my hair colour looks very vibrant.