Monday, 21 June 2010

My three month update

From the results of using Ovation hair products for three months, I am very pleased, I was able to retain my length and significant growth was seen in the back, and sides. Also the front also had little growth, but I would say not as much as the back and sides. My left side grew significantly.

My next length update will be done in three months time, during that time, I will be using Mega Tek and Ovation Cell therapy equal parts mixed together to apply on my scalp daily and to apply as a deep conditioner once week and I will leave it on overnight and apply the creme rinse.

Overall I am very pleased with the results, other things helped was massaging my scalp daily which I will continue. Also I am eating a lot of green vegetables, lettuce, spinach and kombu, which is a Japanese seaweed, red onions. Plus I now henna my hair once a month, which helps to add thickness and strenthen the very fine hairs that I have. I have used henna before in my previous post, however I was never consistent. I am due for my third henna treatment towards the end of this week.

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Aritul said...

Very nice. It seems to be coming in quite nicely.