Monday, 13 October 2008

Using Mega-Tek Rebuilder and Ovation Cell Therapy

My hair after using Mega Tek Rebuilder. The top picture shows my hair loosed out. The picture on the left shows my hair after I have been using Mega Tek Rebuilder for 20 days and the picture on the right, where I was using Mega Tek for 61 days, the other hair picture showing my hair stretched out, again the left hand picture, I used Mega Tek Rebuilder for 20 days and the right hand picture, where I used the Mega Tek for 61 days. There is a clear difference after 61 days of using Mega Tek, my hair is a lot thicker and there is significant growth.

Mega Tek and Ovation Cell therapy is made by the same company Eqyss. Mega Tek is available from and and Ovation Cell Therapy is available from, and the products can be posted anywhere world wide.

Points to remember when using Mega Tek Rebuilder or Ovation Cell Therapy
1) Before applying Mega Tek to your scalp, apply castor oil first, then Mega Tek, because Mega Tek can be drying, or you add a little Castor oil to Mega Tek, whereas with Ovation cell therapy, it can be applied straight to the scalp.
2) With Mega Tek or Ovation, there is a possibility of increased shredding, this can be stopped by having garlic supplements or make a garlic conditioner.
3) Mega Tek or Ovation should be used for a month to see the real benefit. Ovation Cell therapy is more expensive than Mega Tek.
4) It has been said that Ovation causes the hair to grow very fast, then the hair starts to thicken up, however with Mega Tek, it causes the hair to get very thick, then the hair grows very fast also.
I hope to be using Ovation cell therapy and see the difference it makes to my hair. So far with the Mega Tek results, I am very pleased and happy about how my hair is right now.


Atasha said...

Hmm this is interesting. I just checked out the links you provided and I so need to make my hair stronger. I would love more thickness too but good Lord it's expensive but if it works then it's worth every penny!

Thanks for visiting my crazy place :-)

ValeriesWorld said...

Atasha thanks for visiting, Mega Tek is good, however you have to add castor oil and aloe vera gel, because withouth them, your hair can get very hard.

Hagar's Daughter said...

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All_things_pretty said...

Hi Valerie, is Mega-tek an animals product?

mixed chicks said...

i've heard good things about this product. you may also want to try mixed chicks deep conditioner. it detangles really well. less tangles = less breakage = more growth.