Tuesday, 7 October 2008

From Hair to Now

I can't believe it is now six years since I have my hair natural. The first picture was taken in August and the picture bottom was taken in August 2002, after I cut off all my relaxer in February 2002, I went to a barber and he charged me £5.00 and I cut it again, so I had just washed it and also coloured it. It was a great journey, I had to learn so many different things. Now I have simplified my routine, I probably if I was honest with myself, my hair would have grown even longer, because I never really deep conditioned, and that was the key for me deep conditioning, which I started doing in January 2008 and I am now seeing the results.

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rarestone said...

keep up the good work, your growth is great! I have some mega tek ion order and i also use amla, etc. Am in the UK too, check my profile on http://members.fotki.com/rarestone/